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“We shape our buildings- thereafter, they shape us.”

Turnkey Building Construction​

We Under take contracts of both residential and commercial buildings with complete package of Architectural Plans, Structural Design, Execution till handing over, starting from basic cost of Rs. 1600/- per Sqft.

  • Faster Delivery — collaborative project management means work is completed faster with fewer problems.
  • Cost Savings — an integrated team is geared toward efficiency and innovation.
  • Better Quality — design-builders meet performance needs, not minimum design requirements, often developing innovations to deliver a better project than initially imagined.
  • Singular Responsibility — one entity is held accountable for cost, schedule and performance.
  • Reduced Risk — the design-build team assumes additional risk.

Architectural Services

  • Architecural Drawings — Concept drawings, Building plans as per Vastu. 2D elevations and Sections.
  • Structural Design and Drawings — Building design, with Foundation layout, Rebar drawings, Column layout and rebar details, Slab and Beam framing drawings and rebar drawings
  • 3D Elevations — Elevations with 3D rendering will be provided. Elevation with external paint combination. any cladding required will be shown. Day view and Night view elevations of the buildings will presented.

Interior Design and Execution

Complete concept, 2D drawings and 3D elevations will be provided.

Standard Specifications of interiors

  • Plywood of IS303 grade will be used in all locations except kitchen where IS710 BWP plywood will be used.
  • All hinges and channels will be from Hettich or EBCO. Each double door wardrobe will have one lock from Europa brand. One drawer in each wardrobe will have a lock from Europa brand.
  • We use only Fevicol, Pidilite or similar brand for glue. Iron nails and SS screws are used where necessary.
  • All internal areas are laminated using white or off white 0.8 mm laminate.
  • All external areas (for laminate finish work) will have 1 mm laminate based on selection. 
  • Glossy, HD Glossy, Matte, Texture and Plain laminates, all are included in calculation.

Other Services

  • Sanction drawings — We are authorized to provide building sanction drawings of BDA, BMRDA, Panchayat or any other authorities as per the bylas .
  • Estimate — We Provide estimate for Bank home loan purpose, also actual estimate for the given specification and drawings.
  • Home Loans — We have sources in various banks, help you to get home loans as per your loan eligibility.


Our construction contract includes services like Architecture, Building Construction, and Interior design.

Yes, We give 10 years of structural warranty, and material warranty will be given based on the selected brands used in the construction work.

Smilee Homes Constructions – Best building contractors in Bangalore provide zero delays in work and on-time handover of the project, but the required time to complete the work depends on the type of project. example. for a 30*40, G+1 project it may take 7 to 8 months.

Yes, based on the client’s requirement Smilee Homes Constructions can provide any type of wall plug or socket they need.

Yes, Smilee Homes Constructions do allow revision in the design, but for rework, the client will be charged.

No, Smilee Homes Constructions do not undertake any bore well related works. But we will provide best borewell vendors and  link directly with clients.

No, the House construction package only covers structural and finishing works, any interior design work will be charged based on the client’s requirement.

Clients can contact the Smilee Homes Constructions Project Manager and report any issue.

As one of the leading construction companies in Bangalore yes, Smilee Homes Constructions do take projects in Bangalore extensions, but not in other cities.

The Building Contractor in Bangalore provides construction and interior services based on the client’s requirements. A Builder on other hand develops his own plot based on his requirement and sells it to the customer.

We will provide parapet wall height 3 feet above the terrace.

Yes, we undertake false ceiling and lighting work in interior design works in Bangalore.

Yes, Metro Mane Building Contractor follows Vastu in all our architectural designs.

Yes, the construction can be done with red bricks but the charges will be extra Rs.100/sqft.

Yes, for all projects a minimum of 1000ltr overhead tank will be provided.

Smilee Homes construction contractors provide full construction service including plumbing and electrical works end to end.

The charges for commercial construction projects start from Rs.1350/sqft.

All the house construction packages provide similar structural quality and execution of work; the only difference is the quality of the finishing materials used.

Yes, Smilee Homes provides all the necessary designs which are included in the package.

Yes, Smilee Homes constructions accepts reconstruction works but breakage and rework charges will be applied separately.

The charges for hiring a construction contractor in Bangalore vary depending on the service provider in Bangalore, the charges for construction contractors vary from Rs.1600 to Rs.2500/sqft based on the quality of materials as well.

Yes, MS Railings can be provided but it will be charged separately.

It includes full house construction i.e: Design, structural, plumbing, electrical and finishing works.

Yes, Smilee Homes Constructions handle all the government approvals like sanction plan, water board, and electricity board approvals. But the charges should be paid by the customer.

The payment will be divided into phases wise, based on the phase of construction the payment should be done.

Yes, Smilee Homes constructions in Bangalore can help the client get temporary water and electrical connections, but the charges should be paid by the client.

Excavation depth for most house construction is 1.5m but it also varies based on the design.

No, the compound wall is not included in the house construction package; it will be charged extra.

Smilee Homes Constructions will provide Floor Plans, Structural Design, Elevation, Furniture Plans, Plumbing, and Electrical Layouts

The client need not visit the construction site regularly, all the progress will be updated in the weekly progress report so that the client can monitor the work without any hassle.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

Smilee Homes Constructions – Best Building Contractors in Bangalore